Podcast Episode #108

11 Apr 2024

Boost Your Call Answer Rate by 95.6% with this ONE change 😲

A wellspring of hard-earned knowledge, Ajay takes us behind the curtain of his business, giving the inside scoop on his exact sales process.

From the key metric he and his team focus on to disqualifying leads to the most common objections land investors face AND how to break through them.

He also walks us through how he was able to go from a 23% call-answer rate to 45% – a nearly 100% improvement.

Taking to heart the idea of being the mentor he wished he had when he started in land, Ajay is a total open book.

There’s so much packed in, you’ll have to listen to this one twice!


  • How to get sellers to pick up the phone much more frequently
  • The 4 types of objections and how to overcome them
  • How to create your own mastermind

IG: https://www.instagram.com/investingwithajay/
Website: Assets for Acres
Some of the podcasts he’s appeared on:
Billy Keels
The Real Estate Investing Podcast

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