Podcast Episode #104

08 Feb 2024

Closing More Land Deals with Cold Calls (Not Mailers!)

Tired of sending out endless mailers only to hear crickets?

It might be time to ditch the mailbox and dial in your success with cold calling.

After a year or so doing direct mail, that’s exactly what started happening to Joe Roberts – his returns from mailers began to fall off dramatically and he needed to adapt.

Cold calling went from being a lead generation testing ground alongside trying out SMS to quickly becoming the way.

From learning the ropes personally by being on the phone to building Land Caller, a dedicated cold-call lead gen company for land investors, cold calling has fueled Joe’s rise to becoming a 7-figure investor.

In this episode, he drops knowledge on everything from cost per lead to ideal call length to planting seeds for the close.


  • Why cold calling is more effective than direct mail
  • What to say and ask on the initial call
  • How to secure the second call

Books: The Count of Monte Cristo, The E Myth
Site: Land Caller

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