Podcast Episode #97

19 Oct 2023

Why did this serial entrepreneur settle on land?

From drop shipping to a juicing company to writing romance novels, Daniel Apke has dabbled in a wide range of business over the years – but land has become his sweet spot.


Sustainability. Profits. Freedom.

But he didn’t go in alone.

A key factor in his success was finding the right partner: his brother Ron.

In this episode, Daniel takes us through the journey of how they run their company entirely remotely and how important it is to find a partner that complements your own skills.

Now, with their education program, they’re on a mission to deliver the same freedom they found through land investing to others.


  • Which type of person tends to do best in land flipping
  • The most important trait to look for in a potential business partner
  • How consistency solves the majority of your issues as a land investor

Start with Why – Simon Sinek

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