Podcast Episode #95

21 Sep 2023

Land Investing Secrets from an 8-figure Entrepreneur

A pilot, a firefighter and a supplement company owner walk into a bar…

Bartender says, “Hey Buck”.

In this episode, we go deep with Buck Rizvi, an entrepreneur who ran 7- and 8-figure e-Comm businesses (and still does!) before jumping into the land business.

Given his success and diverse experience, you’ll want to take note of his thoughts on land, to paraphrase:

“Compared to other things that I’ve done, land investing was the fastest at generating profit – and a lot of profit. I’ve never seen something move that fast.”

From just getting started in 2020 to being the head coach for Land Investing Mastery, Buck takes us through his journey, highlighting the importance of caring about people and going the extra mile to connect with them.

Get your notepad out, this one is chock full of actionable insights.


  • Why endorsements and reviews are your best friend in business
  • The importance of focusing on people and relationships
  • How to minimize and even avoid mistakes

10x is easier than 2x by Dan Sullivan & Dr. Benjamin Hardy
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