Podcast Episode #94

07 Sep 2023

Lessons From A Lazy (and wildly successful) Land Investor

Drew Haney is probably the laziest land flipper you’ll ever come across – his words, not ours!

But that hasn’t stopped him from building an absolute juggernaut of a land business.

In fact, it’s largely what’s fueled his success, both in and out of land.

Laziness unlocked the power and leverage of delegation, empowering his team to handle more so he could focus on his sweet spots.

For Drew, that meant double-down on networking because relationships are assets.

“People bring opportunities” as he puts it.

Networking is where his mastermind with land investing stars Jaren Barnes, Ajay Sharma and Peter Nukasani started from (all guests of ours by the way!) and also what turned him into a partner at Circle Stone Capital.

In this very wide-ranging episode, we discuss everything from his background in the Army to being naked in a South Korean spa with one of Pebble’s founders to his journey to the top of land investing.

(And for the record, anyone who spends $70k on land flipping education, $50k on networking and is an Army Reservist isn’t exactly lazy in our book)


  • The power of networking
  • How to build a strong, trusted team
  • The value of a diversified business

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The Gap and Gain by Dan Sullivan

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