Podcast Episode #90

13 Jul 2023

The Truth About Systems and Multi-touch Marketing

Did you know that it can take over 10 touches, on average, to get a response and even more to actually close a deal?

The exact number of touches will vary but the significant point is that the days of sending a mailer and closing are largely in the rearview.

On this episode, we’re joined by land investing expert and systems guru Callan Faulkner who breaks down the importance of multi-touch marketing.

She also walks us through the benefits of texting and when to introduce it into your marketing plan as well as a breakdown of her own multiple-touch workflow – and so much more.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • When to introduce texting into your workflow (and how)
  • Why multi-touch marketing is critical to closing deals
  • How having a single source of truth and a dedicated CRM can transform and streamline your investing

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