Podcast Episode #85

04 May 2023

The Road to Growth: Why Embracing the Unknown is Key

Embracing the unknown is critical for moving your business forward and it’s exactly what transformed Johnny Forgione into the land investor he is today.

One who jumped almost immediately from single lots and into subdividing while still running his personal training business.

He’s not running blindly into new deals though because being an entrepreneur is also about proper risk management. For him, that means investing in himself through continuous education, from books to coaches like Travis King.

At the end of the day, you can’t be fixated on the one thing that got you to where you are now, you have to push through and into the unknown to grow.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • How Johnny runs two successful business
  • Why education is a game-changer for growth
  • The importance of mindset for an entrepreneur

Contact info: FB and email: forgionejohnny@Gmail.com
Travis King – Land Investing Mastery
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