Podcast Episode #79

09 Feb 2023

Freedom & Flipping: Create a Life You Love with Land Investing

Spend over a decade and a half in the land investing business and you’ll learn a thing or two. In this episode, Jeremy Davidson shares his time-tested insights.

Before Pebble (or any land-specific software), Jeremy was handwriting offer letters, filling out spreadsheets by hand, stuffing notebooks with county comparisons, property value equations and more.

Why? The conviction that getting land investing right would give him and his family more freedom and choice than a 9 to 5 ever could.

Spoiler: he was right…his average ROI is over 200%.

Times have changed and his operation has gotten more sophisticated thanks to a hard-learned lesson: just keep going, stay focused and don’t stop.

In this episode listen and learn:

  • How the Davidson Land Company has thrived through good and bad times
  • The importance of adaptability and flexibility
  • Why having a strong “why” matters

Davidson Land Company
The Land camp
Simple CFO
Travis King – Land Investing Mastery

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