Podcast Episode #58

30 Dec 2021

21 Biggest Land Lessons for 2021!

2021 has been a year of rebuilding. With the pandemic just looming around the corner, it became a true test of resilience. The ones who were quick to adapt, re-learn and re-assess on their land investing goals were the ones who have thrived despite a seemingly slow paced business flow for most of us.

In this 2-part episode, we invited a mix of 21 land investors who are either still new to the business, somewhere in between and also the seasoned ones who have kept their A-game despite the ebb and flow of the land investing industry. Get to learn some insights, as they each share their biggest land lessons of the year 2021 which have helped them stay on track and remain steadfast with their goals.

For Part 1, you get to hear from our following guests:

3:50- Seth Williams
5:35 – Mike Ferreira
8:26 – Josiah Stacy
9:34 – Paul Brewer
12:02 – Ed Cox
14:22 – Max and Ryan of PRYCD
17:05 – Alex Jones
18:38 – Travis King
21:12 – Robert Dow

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