15 Mar 2021

Easy Pricing Offers with PRYCD (Exclusive Limited Time Offer)

Prycd has become a huge game changer when it comes to getting your LIST of properties, as they are able to now help you actually generate offers for you quickly, based on the comparable properties in your county. Some pretty amazing stuff both Ryan and Max are building. Not only that, we make it very easy to bring in your PRYCD list into REI Pebble now as well.

Get 400 free referral records (regularly 200 for new accounts)-
BONUS: 25% discount on consulting fees.

Watch the video below on how to redeem the offer:

Use the link and the coupon code ‘REI Conversion’ when checking out for consulting!

Watch the full Pebbler’s Mastermind episode with Ryan and Max, the founders of Prycd:

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