Property View Counter

Build scarcity and urgency amongst your buyers and viewers as you display how many times your properties have been viewed.

Land Deal Countdown Timer

Features and benefits Create exclusive property discounts Increase the urgency to purchase with a countdown timer Grow your buyers’ list by letting your buyer leads know you hold property sales Description Create a sense of scarcity and urgency with your buyers to purchase land with the Land Deal Countdown Timer plugin. Easily select a property, […]

Automated Offers

Features and benefits Have your site automatically make an offer Save yourself from spending time on due-diligence before making an offer Offers based off submitted market value Description Get your leads to say “YES” to your automated offer before even doing any of the property’s research, or without even picking up the phone! This completely […]

Sales Post Generator

Features and benefits Create templates for listing sites: Facebook & Craigslist Generate short summary postings Quickly paste those postings into FB or CL Description Selling off-site is just as important, but, it can be time consuming to list. With our Sales Post Generator, you can  automatically generate posts from your land listings. They’ll be formatted […]

Property Content Lock

Features and benefits Lock properties or website behind an opt-in form Rapidly build your buyers’ list Automate your leads to any CRM or email list via Zapier Description With the Property Content Lock plugin, you’ll now be able to put your properties behind an opt-in form making sure you do not lose the opportunity to […]

Zapier Property Listing

Features and benefits List your properties with any CRM Connect using Zapier (no coding needed) Save time listing your properties to market Description Automate building your buyer’s list even more by integrating your buyer submission form on your homepage directly to your Mailchimp mailing list. Start engaging with your buyers and building a buyers list […]