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Land Maverick

Land Mavericks, crafted by Jaren Barnes, equips students to attain tangible outcomes in land investment. Through actionable guidance, both Premium and Fast-Track students achieve their inaugural land deals, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in delivering real results.


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Zaps handle work for you automatically, so you can focus on things that matter. You can create and customize Zaps in minutes.


Save time and stop picking up your own calls. Use PATlive as your answer service to intake property (even better, pair that up with our REI Pebble Lead forms to save on charged minutes!).


LandVA4U’s Virtual Assistants work directly with you to make your dream a reality.  Use your time wisely.  Let their Virtual Assistants work for you.

Your Land TC

A team of in-house, US-based, personally trained land Transaction Coordinators with has a proven track record in land investing, and knows the ins and outs to get your deals completed. Get 10% lifetime discount using this link.

Land Investing Masterclass (REtipster)

REtipster’s ‘Land Investing Masterclass’ is a detailed step-by-step guide to finding, buying and selling vacant land. The program is broken down into the exact steps with video guides and templates and scripts you can apply to your investing business. Not only that, Seth Williams of REtipster is a huge reason we started REI Conversion and […]

Land Investing Mastery

Travis has built his business by overdelivering on value. Now he wants to help build your wealth through calculated, strategic land education using current strategies for today’s market.


Get a phone line to talk and text that has power features to integrate with other tools of your business like REI Pebble, Slack, Zapier, etc. This is now our go to phone system.