Podcast Episode #63

10 Mar 2022

1300 Deals with No Mail Sent!

Peter, who is now 24, started exploring the journey of entrepreneurship at the young age of 14 and started with different businesses such as clothing. Following his entrepreneurial bug, he got into land investing while he was in his last year of college but approaches land very differently from most investors.

While most land flippers focus on the acquisition and delegating the disposition to a real estate agent or developers, Pete focuses on the disposition and marketing of his properties.

In this episode listen:

  • Learn how Pete approaches land from a different angle than most
  • Marketing strategies including his viral TikTok land videos
  • How Pete continues large volumes of deals

Show Notes:
Once Upon A Brick Customer Service Team at (866)-948-3350
Tiktok @thelandinvestor
Nunn Land Sales
Land Watch
REI Conversion Buyer Funnel Lead

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