Podcast Episode #51

24 Jun 2021

Scaling Quickly by Wholesaling Land

Lucas Miller is a land investor who heavily focuses on moving land and profiting quickly – without needing to market to potential buyers.

Instead, Lucas focuses on building a reliable investors’ buyer list so that he can quickly offload properties and spend minimal amount of time on his land business. Without even purchasing the property, he’s putting under contract and simply wholesaling directly to investors.

HUGE time benefit – as he talks about how he spends up to only 2 hours per property he puts under contract, and it’s hard for him to deny the payoff with such little time invested to flip land.

Lucas loves wholesaling and wants to share why you should wholesale too.Listen to this episodes

Listen to this episode:

  • why wholesaling works for Lucas
  • benefits and drawbacks of wholesaling
  • BONUS: mailer which has gotten in 5-6x response rate

Show notes:
Contact Lucas
Visit his website

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