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Learn how to fully utilize simple digital marketing strategies and tools for your vacant land investing business. Learn about tested methods and avoid some of the difficult lessons so that you can fast track your own investing with minimal risk.

Easy Offline Land Marketing

Podcast Episode #47

15 Apr 2021

Easy Offline Land Marketing

Sarah, a full time land investor, works in specific pockets of area she has selected. Not only only that, she moves properties ultra fast… using an offline strategy – signs!

Leveraging VA’s For Your Land Investing

Podcast Episode #46

01 Apr 2021

Leveraging VA’s For Your Land Investing

Pete and Anthony behind LandVA4u.com are helping land investors optimize themselves in their own business by arming them with VA’s.

10 Tips to Choosing Your Land Site’s Domain

Podcast Episode #45

18 Mar 2021

10 Tips to Choosing Your Land Site’s Domain

Choosing the right domain (or changing your domain) does not have to be over-thought, but should stick to these guidelines when doing so – as I’ve seen others lose a land deal because of their domain.

Ways to Automate Your Land Business

Podcast Episode #44

11 Mar 2021

Ways to Automate Your Land Business

Callan is a CRM specialist and a land investor and absolutely loves AUTOMATING. In this interview, Callan shares with us some of the basic tools and systems that you can easily automate in your land investing.

Profiting from Difficult Land Properties

Podcast Episode #43

04 Mar 2021

Profiting from Difficult Land Properties

They call him Uncle Karl, an unconventional real estate investor who loves dealing with unique properties and looks for opportunities where most would avoid.

Selling Land With a Real Estate Agent

Podcast Episode #42

11 Feb 2021

Selling Land With a Real Estate Agent

Jaren of REtipster shares his strategy of marketing… a very hands off approach. His strategy of using a Real Estate Agent to sell land allows Jaren to focus solely on acquisitions and gives him a few other…

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Not only do I work closely with our small team and the services at Pebble, but I love building conversations and relationships with all of our investors, listening to the needs to help investors to grow.

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