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Learn how to fully utilize simple digital marketing strategies and tools for your vacant land investing business. Learn about tested methods and avoid some of the difficult lessons so that you can fast track your own investing with minimal risk.

How to Actually Profit from Land?!

Podcast Episode #65

14 Apr 2022

How to Actually Profit from Land?!

By keeping things simple, you can achieve a lot. In this episode, we welcome back Jaren Barnes as he shares with us how he makes sure his land investing business is profitable using the Profit First mindset.

We Thought No One Would Buy This Land!

Podcast Episode #64

24 Mar 2022

We Thought No One Would Buy This Land!

In this episode of ‘Odd Props,’ we meet Ariana and David Choi. They share their story about one of their ‘odd’ properties, how they overcame challenges, learned lessons, and show us the reality of land business.

1300 Deals with No Mail Sent!

Podcast Episode #63

10 Mar 2022

1300 Deals with No Mail Sent!

Peter, who is now 24, started exploring the journey of entrepreneurship at the young age of 14 and started with different businesses such as clothing. Following his entrepreneurial bug, he got into land investing while he was…

Who even owns this land??

Podcast Episode #62

24 Feb 2022

Who even owns this land??

In this episode, Matt shares his story on how he got involved in Land Investing and one of his more recent and challenging properties. In this episode of ‘Odd Props’ Jessey and Matt discuss the reality of…

Don’t waste time qualifying leads on the phone

Podcast Episode #61

10 Feb 2022

Don’t waste time qualifying leads on the phone

Sean has outsourced his calls so that he doesn’t get slammed seller leads all day and can go back to scaling his land business while working a full time job.

Your Profits Come First

Podcast Episode #60

20 Jan 2022

Your Profits Come First

David Richter, author of Profit for Real Estate Investing, gives you a glimpse of what his book is all about. Instead of blindly operating your business, chasing one deal after another as if you’re in some sort…

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Not only do I work closely with our small team and the services at Pebble, but I love building conversations and relationships with all of our investors, listening to the needs to help investors to grow.

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